Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eagle Expo and Merit Badge Counselor Orientation Spring 2018

Many Waters Unit Leaders:

Please read and display the attached Eagle Expo flyer. The agenda includes a general session on how to find a project, work on the Proposal, and includes separate short "break-outs" for youth/adults to discuss specifics for each group. Attendees should be Life and Star Scouts who are beginning to think about their Eagle Projects, their parent/guardians, Scoutmasters, Advancement Coordinator, and any other leaders who wish to know more about the process, including current and possible new Eagle Coaches.*  

Because we struggle to find time during the program year to do training, we decided to do Merit Badge Counselor Orientation on the same night. This fun event is for everyone in your unit who counsels or would like to counsel Merit Badges. Anyone age 18 or older may be a Merit Badge Counselor. There will be forms to apply to be an MBC at this event (please bring a copy or know your last YP training date to facilitate the application process!)

Thank You very much for planning to attend our new in-district event!!

The Many Waters Advancement Team

* Eagle Coaches may be found amongst parents who have been through the process, current and older Eagle Scouts, and other leaders and former leaders within your unit. IF your unit does not have a person designated as Eagle Coach, asking potential coaches to attend this training to find out more about the "job" is a great idea!!
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