Wednesday, October 17, 2018

For Scouters 18 and over:


You are Qualified and Needed!

We hope you are enjoying your time as an adult volunteer for your unit!! But, maybe you’re ready to step it up a bit? There are over 140 opportunities to use your special skills to help the Scouts in our District. Many Waters District always has need for Merit Badge Counselors! 

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor is FREE! The position code is 42. The only person who needs to sign the application is YOU!

To become a Counselor, please fill out and submit these applications. All parts may be submitted online if you have an electronic signature set up. If not, simply fill them in via hand or computer, print, sign, and send to: J. Zeman, Northern Star Council BSA, 5300 Glenwood Avenue, Golden Valley, 55422.

Merit Badge Information

BSA Adult Application Page

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Youth Protection Training

For Unit Advancement Coordinators:


To receive a current Merit Badge Counselor List* please click here for application form. After sending the completed form in you will receive 2 emails from Council: 1 with the list in PDF format, and 1 with the code to open the list. 

The only operation you may do with the list is print it. The list is updated every 2-3 months. You may request a list at any time. Acquiring a new list is one of the tasks of the Unit Advancement Chair/Coordinator.

* Due to the need for the privacy of Counselors who have unlisted numbers for their professions, lists may not be put up on District or Unit Websites unless they are password-secured.

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