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Youth and Adult Recognition Nomination Forms


Last revised: February 8, 2015

Youth and Adult Recognition Nominations

Every year we recognize outstanding Scouts and outstanding adult volunteers in the district. We have multiple awards we can give out, we just need you to let us know who these people are. These awards consist of the Star of the Future, the Star of the North, the District Award of Merit and the council's Silver Beaver Award.

We spend a great deal of time each year ensuring that the youth get the recognition they deserve for the effort they make in the Scouting advancement program.  We also need to thank all of our outstanding adults out there who week after week donate their time to putting on a quality program for the youth. This is our chance to show them we are thankful. We need you, the other adults, to let the district leadership know how hard these people are working.

We have three levels of recognition.

  • At the district level, we have our own outstanding youth and adult Scouter awards.
  • Also, at the district level, we present the District Award of Merit for outstanding adult service.
  • At the council level, there is the Silver Beaver Award.

More information on each of these awards is below.

Please take some time, think about those that help you the most, and send in a nomination form. Links for the forms are located below in the award descriptions.

Star of the Future Award

The Star of the Future award is given by the district to Scouts who during the past year have given that extra bit of enthusiasm which is so much a part of a successful program. This can be a Scout involved in a pack, troop or crew or someone functioning on a district level, camp staff, or who has assisted with one of the special district events.

Star of the North Award

The Star of the North award is given to leaders who during the past year have given that extra bit of enthusiasm. This can be anyone involved in a pack or troop or someone functioning on a district level or anyone who participated on one of the special district events. This award is intended to recognize someone who has not yet received the Star of the North, the District Award of Merit and/or the Silver Beaver award.

District Award of Merit

District Award of Merit KnotThe District Award of Merit is awarded by a district to registered Scouters for service to the youth in the district. This is a council-sponsored award that is the highest honor that a district can bestow upon one of its Scouters. Limited to one award for every twenty-five units in the district. The nominee must be a registered Scouter and must have rendered noteworthy service to Scouts over an extended time (usually in excess of five years). The nature and value of "noteworthy service" may consist of a single plan or action that contributed vitally to the lives of large numbers of youth or it may have been given to a small group over an extended period of time to youth in and outside of Scouting. The recipient receives a plaque, signed certificate, and official knot badge.

Silver Beaver Award

Silver Beaver Award KnotThe Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young people within a Boy Scouts of America council. More than 50,000 recognition's have been conferred to date. A recipient must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. The awards are bestowed at the annual council Court of Honor in the spring. Silver Beaver Awards are presented on the basis of the number of units in a council.

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